We take pride in utilizing industry proven tools and processes necessary to deliver world-class results insuring solid and innovative solutions

Having a broad reach to multiple industry leading and highly specialized companies, we have the resources and access to provide necessary equipment needed to complete programs and projects.

Our specially trained team take charge of handling and operating
wells. The well services team is trained in various operations such as
wellhead maintenance, wire-line, coiled tubing and other services.

Through Rock’s program and project experience, we reached top practices developed through years of experience while maintaining safety and integrity proven in our succesful delivery.

Delivery in quality is our #1 goal in every project, we are commited to inssuring the highest and most reliable precesses and procedures.

“Rock International is aligned with the ambitious Oman 2040 vision, we take the future of our country and betterment in our daily work.

We are certain and highly driven to realize our beloved country’s goals and contribute our knowledge and expertise.”

- Mohammed Al Mukhaini, CEO

Our vision is to strive to excel and realize the full potential of human capabilities in applying technology and emerge as the leading engineering consultancy in the region.

Our mission is to translate advanced engineering technology and designs to boost the business of our end users through professional excellence.

We believe in achieving excellence in all our actions and our commitment ensures excellence.